Investment Grade Tanzanite


If you are looking for a very rare, special and important tanzanite – Tanzanite Direct are the specialists for you.

As one of the world’s largest tanzanite companies, we have unprecedented access to the finest stones unearthed from the leading Tanzanite Mine, which means we are in the unique position to offer the largest selection of what is often called “Investment Grade Tanzanite” – the very finest quality tanzanite, in exceptionally large and rare sizes.

Thinking of investing in a special tanzanite? Our gemologist Linda is available to help guide you every step of the way.

With our close relationship and direct access to the tanzanite supply chain, we can offer you any size, color or clarity of tanzanite – however, the purpose of  our investment grade tanzanite selection is to offer only the best of the best, the very top 1%. These are extremely rare stones, which are simply not mined in large quantities. When assembling stones for your consideration from this collection, we are exceptionally selective – and only true investment grade stones make the grade.

In addition to the deeply saturated blue tanzanite, we also have rare and unusual “fancy tanzanite” in yellows, greens, purples and very occasionally, pinks.

As our online selection is only a tiny sampler of what we have in our vaults, the best way to find out more about our investment grade tanzanite is to email your special requests to our Gemologist Linda – who can check our stock and advise you if we have a fine example, unusual and/or rare piece to match your requirements.

Tanzanite Direct’s Investment Grade Customers enjoy the full benefits of the ultimate partnership with us: access to exclusive products, the opportunities presented by high-level industry contacts and bulk purchasing of rough gemstones, expert advice, and trade-level insight into the world of gemstone trading, appreciation, and collecting.

  • Tanzanite gemstones weighing between 1.00 – 5.00 carats are priced from $650.00 to $700.00 USD per carat.
  • Tanzanite gemstones weighing over 5.00 carats are priced from $700.00 to $780.00 USD per carat.
  • Tanzanite gemstones from 30.00 – 200.00 carats are $POA.
  • GIA certificates are available on request.
  • Special shipments over $75,000 are sent by armored delivery, at prices subject to the apparmored carrier’s applicable fees. Schedules for armored delivery over $75,000 vary depending on your location.

Looking for something very special? Ask our gemologist to check the thousands of stones we have behind the scenes.

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