Tanzanite Gemstones

Beautiful tanzanite gemstones and jewellery – sourced directly from our own tanzanite mine. 

Unearthing gemstones right at their source, we offer not only quality, but peace of mind and value for money.

We offer the largest selection of what is often called “Investment Grade Tanzanite” – the very finest quality tanzanite gemstones, in exceptionally large and rare sizes and colors. If you’re looking for the top 1% of tanzanite – then we can help you !

As one of the world’s largest tanzanite companies, we supply world-renown, high-end jewelers and wholesale customers across the globe with thousands and thousands of tanzanite carats annually.

For the first time we’re offering a collection of our finest tanzanite for purchase outside the jewelry trade. Discerning customers now have the opportunity to own fine examples of this magnificent gemstone, without paying middle men.We provide complete peace of mind, expert advice and the finest quality tanzanite gemstones and jewelry.

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