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As one of the world’s largest tanzanite companies, we have unprecedented access to the finest stones unearthed from TanzaniteOne Mining Ltd, which means we are in the unique position to offer the largest selection of what is often called “Investment Grade Tanzanite” – the very finest quality tanzanite, in exceptionally large and rare sizes and colors.

With our close relationship and direct access to the tanzanite supply chain, we can offer you any size, color or clarity of tanzanite – however, the purpose of  our investment grade tanzanite selection is to offer only the best of the best, the very top 1%. These are extremely rare stones, which are simply not mined in large quantities.

When assembling stones for your consideration from this collection, we are exceptionally selective – and only true investment grade stones make the grade.

In addition to the deeply saturated blue tanzanite, and very large stones over 50 carats, we also have rare and unusual “fancy tanzanite” in yellows, greens, purples and very occasionally, pinks.

As our online selection is only a tiny sampler of what we have in our vaults, the best way to find out more about our investment grade tanzanite is to email your special requests to our Gemologist Linda – who can check our stock and advise you if we have a fine example, unusual and/or rare piece to match your requirements.

Looking for something very special? Ask our gemologist to check the thousands of stones we have behind the scenes.


Tanzanite Direct are proud to offer an astonishing, 157 carat natural tanzanite. ( Pictured with 58 cushion – also available )
“This museum grade emerald cut is one of the largest gem-type quality Tanzanites ever to be mined” notes Linda Kennedy , Gemologist for Tanzanite Direct.
Kennedy says miners recently discovered a new pocket in the mining area, and that this is a brand new stone on the market. This stone is remarkable not only for its size but for its brilliance and color – in comparison to other large tanzanites which are usually inky blue-black in appearance.  Supported by a GIA certificate.

“This is an opportunity that comes around once in a lifetime, not only for the quality and carat weight, but also to be the first of this stones owners” .
Those wishing to view this gem of a gem can organise a viewing in New York.  POA.

  • Tanzanite gemstones from 20.00 carats – 200.00 carats are $POA.

  • Pink tanzanite and other fancy colors in large sizes are available on request – and prices vary.

  • GIA certificates are available on request.

  • Special shipments over $75,000 are sent by armoured delivery, at prices subject to the armoured carrier’s applicable fees.

  • Viewing is available by appointment only at our New York and Hong Kong offices.

  • 100% Natural Tanzanite
  • No Questions Asked, 14 Day Return Policy
  • Fully Insured, Global Delivery


      We have an exclusive partnership with the world’s largest Tanzanite mining company, meaning that we can trace every gemstone all the way back to its source.

      We also cut and polish each tanzanite from the rough, and craft all of our jewellery in house.

      This unique business model means Tanzanite Direct is the only online company where you can be absolutely sure of your tanzanite’s exact origin and provenance , the conditions it was mined under,  as well as the quality and ethical status of the gemstone and jewellery manufacturing process.




      International customers, including those located in the USA are responsible for all duty, customs charges and taxes. These additional charges are separate from shipping charges and are the responsibility of the recipient.

      These charges are usually levied by Fedex on delivery of the parcel, or by mail 1 – 2 weeks after delivery .


      The USA is one of the only countries in the world where loose tanzanite are tax free when imported.  Tanzanite jewellery is taxed at 5.5%.

      Estimated Import Duties & Tax Rates

      Country Tanzanite Jewellery Loose Tanzanite Gemstones Additional Notes / Charges
      United States 5% 0%  * Additional State tax may apply in some areas.
      United Kingdom 20% 22.5%
      France 22.5% 20%
      New Zealand 20% 15% *import transaction fee $38.00 NZD. *Often free under $400.00
      Hong Kong 0% 0%
      Malaysia 10% 10%
      Germany 19% 19%
      Singapore 7% 7%
      Italy 24.5% 22%
      Canada 6.5% *0% *Tax rate may be applied/ differ between States
      • The table above shows estimated duty and tax rates. The actual amount charged by customs may differ from the rates above. Please be advised that Tanzanite Direct has no control over tax, duty or customs clearance charge.
      • In the event of a returning an item,  customers can apply to the customs department of your country to refund the taxes and duty costs.
      • This information/link is intended as a helpful guide, and we take no responsibility for the accuracy of the information this table / website links provided.


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      Tanzanite Shipping

      Free international shipping and insurance on all orders.

      • Using Fedex, all our shipments are shipped, fully insured, free of charge to most countries worldwide.
      • You will receive a Fedex tracking number once your order is dispatched so you can track your shipments progress. We aim to dispatch your order within 48 working hours of purchase.
      • If you would like to keep your gift a surprise and pick up your parcel at your local Fedex Depo – please contact Fedex after dispatch with your tracking number.

      How long will delivery take?

      • Free shipping to most locations globally usually takes between 4-7 working days from order.
      • Fedex Express shipping (estimated 2-3 days, $50.00 USD ) is available for urgent orders at checkout .
      (optional, cost calculated at checkout )
      AUSTRALIA/ NEW ZEALAND 3-5 working days 1-3 working days
      ASIA, NORTH AMERICA 4-6 working days 2-4 working days
      UK, EUROPE 5-6 working days 2-4 working days
      REST OF WORLD Please check shipping restrictions as we may not ship to your country of residence.    Scroll down to check country restrictions

      We aim to dispatch your order within 48 working hours of purchase.

      Rings in US Size 7 are available for immediate dispatch, re-sizing usually takes 24-48 hours unless notified otherwise.

      Where do we ship to ?

      Australia Guam Malaysia
      Austria Hong Kong (SAR) Norway
      Belgium Hungary Poland
      Bulgaria Ireland Portugal
      Canada Italy Puerto Rico
      China Japan Russia
      Cyprus Latvia Singapore
      Czech Republic Lithuania South Africa
      Denmark Luxembourg United Kingdom
      Estonia Macau Spain
      Finland Malta Sweden
      France Mexico Switzerland
      Germany Netherlands Taiwan
      Greece New Zealand United States
      • If you would like your order shipped to a destination not listed – please contact customer service first to confirm.
      • We are unable to ship to India or Africa, excluding South Africa

      Tanzanite Direct

      • Insures and registers all items for their full value.
      • Requires that all deliveries are made to a physical business or home address only. We do not ship to P.O. box addresses.
      • Requires an adult to sign for the delivery.

      Where do Tanzanite Direct ship from ?

      Tanzanite: Our Tanzanite gemstones and jewellery are shipped from Hong Hong, where our worldwide distribution center is located. Hong Kong’s position as an international shipping hub allows us to export quickly and safely to our customers worldwide .


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      • Measurements show the tanzanite’s minimum diameter and depth, measured in millimetres. The measurements are noted as length x width x depth.
      • The “face-up” measurements of length and width are the best way to judge a colored stones actual size – as opposed to carat weight which can change depending on the variations in each stones proportions.


      • Tanzanite Directs ‘s gemologists hand-select only premium cut stones which are symmetrical, smoothly polished, and even in color and light reflection.


      Tanzanite Direct separates our tanzanite into four color groups.

      • The lighter the color of the tanzanite – the more commonly it is found.
      • The richer and more vibrant the color, the rarer and more expensive the tanzanite.
      • Due to its unique crystal structure, tanzanite is one of only two known gemstones to clearly show two colors at once. As a result, a tanzanite can never be purely blue or violet colored – always a combination of the two.
      • Darker tanzanite does not mean better tanzanite  – it means rarer. Beauty is subjective and the right color for you is a personal choice.


      • “Clarity” means the number of inclusions: any natural cracks, features or flaws within a tanzanite gemstone.
      • Only flawless loose tanzanite gemstones, with no inclusions and the highest GIA Clarity grade of “Eye Clean”- which is commonly known as “flawless”- are sold by Tanzanite Direct .




      We are pleased to offer our clients free, fully insured shipping to most countries.


      We always do our best to make sure you love your tanzanite – but if you’re not fully satisfied for any reason, we will make it right, at no cost to you. Free, no-questions-asked returns are available within 14 days of delivery.


      With our standard shipping, you will usually receive your tanzanite within 4-5 days of ordering. Need the gems sooner? Choose Priority Service, and they’ll be at your door even faster, usually 48 hours or less.


      • American Customers –  The USA is one of the only countries in the world where loose tanzanite gemstones are tax free when imported. If you order tanzanite jewellery you will be taxed an additional 5.5% of the jewellery items total value, by Fedex, when it is imported. State tax may also apply. Learn more
      • Global Customers  –  you are responsible for any import duty or taxes  your country may charge. This ammount is not charged at checkout or included in our prices.  Learn more 


      We appreciate that this is very special purchase for you, and wish to make your experience with Tanzanite Direct the best it can be. If you need any assistance, advice or support, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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