Does Tanzanite come in any other colors ?

Yes, there are many other colors in tanzanites family. Tanzanite is the name given to blue-violet examples of the mineral called zoisite. However, zoisite is found in many other colors, like green, purple and yellow.


Zoisite in a mix of blue and green is sometimes called “Ocean Tanzanite” or “Peacock Tanzanite” – although it should technically be called “green zoisite” rather than tanzanite. Whilst rarer than normal colored tanzanite, Ocean tanzanite is usually priced lower.


Pink Tanzanite is exceptionally rare, and trades at very high prices when it can be found. Pure green, orange or salmon tanzanite are also very rare and becoming expensive. The large examples  in the picture below trade for thousands of dollars per carat.  All fancy zoisite colors have increased in value lately, with demand increasing from collectors and big-name jewelry brands.