Is tanzanite running out ?

FACT: A Limited Supply of Tanzanite Remains

Tanzanite is estimated to disappear within our lifetime. In 2013, independent geologists undertook research which estimated that TanzaniteOne, the largest tanzanite mining company in C Block, has no more than 30 years of mining left.

No one is certain exactly how much unearthed tanzanite still remains, as data has not been collected from the several hundred small mine sites situated in D & B blocks. These smaller sites are currently mined using very simple methods and basic air supply systems, and don’t have the ability to dig any further without significant investment and the purchase of mechanized mining equipment. Thus, their ability to dig much deeper is restricted, as is further information about the deposit.

When tanzanite is gone, the stone could become a historic “heritage” stone that is desperately sought after by collectors across the globe.