Tanzanite Carat Weight


This is a term we are all familiar with. Just like diamonds, tanzanites are weighed in carats. The higher the carats, the heavier the stone.


If you place a one-carat diamond next to a one-carat tanzanite, their sizes will not look the same. This is because diamonds are heavier than tanzanites.

In addition, very different cutting styles are used for diamonds as opposed to colored stones, and the proportions between the two are usually also different as a result.

You should evaluate a tanzanite’s size by viewing it from the top, because that is how it will be seen when set into a ring or jewelry item. To assess the stone’s size, check it face-up measurements (length x width).

It is easy to assume these three 10 mm round tanzanites all cost the same, as they all look the same size “face up”.  However, if you turn them upside down, you can see the three stones have different cuts, carat weight and  prices. The best way to evaluate size – or “look”-  is by using the face up measurements.