Tanzanite Clarity

A example of a heavily included tanzanite. Tanzanite Direct only sells flawless tanzanites, which are “Eye Clean” and free from inclusions. 


A tanzanite’s clarity refers to the number of natural features or flaws within a gemstone, called “inclusions”. Compared to other stones likes sapphires, tanzanite usually forms into reasonably clean crystals. Thus when buying, perfectly eye-clean stones are the standard.


While diamondss are usually examined through microscopes, and the tiniest blemish can dramatically affect their value, the clarity of tanzanite and other colored gemstones is mainly assessed by experts based on how “clean” they look to the naked eye.

The highest clarity grade given by the GIA to a colored stone is “eye clean” – also known as “flawless”.  This grade requires the tanzanite to have no inclusions visible to the naked eye, and is considered the most valuable. Any tanzanite with eye-visible inclusions should be sold at a deep discount.

All tanzanites at Tanzanite Direct are eye-clean and free from inclusions.

GIA Clarity Grades for Colored Stones

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) classifies tanzanite as a Type I gemstone, which means it is usually flawless to the naked eye.